Bible Study

I’m a firm believer in personal Bible Study.  It has changed my life, and I feel differently on days when I’ve neglected it for other things.  I am quickly reminded that it is as important to me as water for daily living.  Water keeps me alive, the Bible keeps me alive in the spirit and walking in truth.

I have found that Bible Study Magazine is a great tool for me to use daily.  It’s easy to get bogged down with lengthy Bible Studies and neglect them- or attempt to pull an old College trick and “cram” one night for the whole week.  That may seem like it’s working in a pinch, but long-term, the point is missed.  DAILY  BIBLE STUDY is important for LIFE.  That’s why I’ve found that I truly love Bible Study Magazine.  There is a daily focus and reading, and it’s more in-depth than a simple devotional, but not too lengthy for one sitting.  I also follow them on twitter @BibleStudyMag for thought provoking questions, updates  and community discussion. 

As an aside, I also believe in making your Bible study relevant.  It’s important to “study your struggle”.  For example, if you need patience, look up verses on patience and mediatate on them.  If you’re struggling with anger, worry, addiction, or need peace, comfort, etc, look up verses that relate to those topics and meditate and pray.  A relevant Bible study certainly takes a front seat to a scripted “daily” study.  However, for the days that you are not sure what exactly it is that you need, (which are probably most days) dive in to the Bible Study Magazine.*

*I am not in any way affiliated with Bible Study Magazine, nor am I paid for my endorsement.  Bible Study Magazine can be purchased at LifeWay, Borders, Books a Million and Barnes and Noble, or ordered directly from their website.


5 Responses to Bible Study

  1. The Big E says:

    Hi, I ran across your magazine and it appealed to me. I have a blog that I write my “spiritual articles” on. I was wondering if you was looking for writers. I would love the opportunity to use my talents to further the kingdom and make a living for myself and my family.
    Thank you,
    Erwin W.

    • Jessica says:

      Thank you so much for your interest. Currently I do not have any paid subscriptions and I’m not looking to turn this in to so. It’s simply to glorify God and document my journey. I’ve taken a look at your site and it’s really thought provoking. I would encourage you to continue with that endeavor. I’m so glad that you found my site and your interest in contributing is very flattering.

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  3. tabata says:

    Do you have a Facebook fan page for your site?

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