Pretty Perfect Picnic

We’ve had the kind of weather lately that just makes you want to wear sundresses, cute hats, and take picnic lunches…. every day.

I love picnics. 

There’s just something romantic about a picnic.

Especially when the guy in your life *plans* said picnic.

(Oooh, lala.)

So, when my husband sent me a text message today that asked me if I’d like to take a picnic for lunch with him, of course I immediately got giddy with excitement.  Then I asked him what we would be having…

He had me at ‘Publix Sub’.

He picked me up, and we headed to a nearby shady park and found a nice spot under the big oak trees.

On the menu:  Publix subs, potato wedges and rocky road fudge.  (I know… he’s a keeper, isn’t he?)

Of course, the food was amazing, but the company was even better.  I thank God for the friend that I’ve found in my husband.  I am so comfortable and content with him, and I’m just so thankful that he’s the kind of husband that understands the importance of nurturing our relationship.  He takes care of me.  He understands me.  He knows what I’m thinking and (most of the time) what I’m feeling. 

I just can’t stop thanking God for all that He has done in my life and in my marriage.  He is worthy of ALL the praise, because times haven’t always been easy for us.  God made the changes, but we had to trust Him, depend on Him, and FULLY rely on Him, giving Him control of our entire lives.  That has meant job changes, trust with finances, juggling one vehicle, but in essence, it’s brought us closer together, and closer to God.

The Lord is my rock, but Joe is a close second.

(And all the women said………………… Amen!)

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