Following God

I’ve neglected my website since December.  Much has happened since then, not all of which I was ready to share as it was unfolding.  Sometimes we have to take periods of quiet time in order to listen to God’s direction so that worldy opinions do not interfere.  God’s ways are not always our ways. 

I went through a rough patch and really decided that I will no longer lean on my own understanding, but rather acknowledge Him in ALL my ways.  And He has certainly carved a perfectly straight path for me.  (Proverbs 3:6)

And, so, God’s plan has landed me in a new job, a new perspective on my career path, more time with my children, and more time to pour my heart out to Him.


Remember that mission trip I said God was leading me to within the next year?

Guess what?

I went.

Here we are feeding about 500 children at a feeding station in Leon, Nicaragua. Pastor Tommy is stirring the stew like a pro, and Katelyn and Caroline are helping serve. It was an amazing trip and I can't wait to share all of the stories with you guys.

And now I’m back.

Yes, Lots of missing details, but I am here now and have SO MUCH to share, so I will be back more regularly, now that things have calmed down.



What have I learned since December? 

God’s plans are BIGGER and BETTER than ANYTHING we could EVER imagine for ourselves.

More later.

Love in Christ,


Precious, precious children to love on in Leon, Nicaragua.

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